We build the energy system of the future with our software, data and security knowledge. Are you joining us?

The energy transition on full swing

The energy transition is a fundamental change in our energy system. Since the beginning of our electricity grid, we have been generating electricity from fossil sources in the Netherlands. But the energy transition drives us towards a new system, based on renewable, sustainable energy sources such as wind and solar power. That introduces complexities. Infiniot has a strategic focus on vital infrastructure in the Netherlands, specifically the energy system.

Infiniot works on societal impact

Infiniot is all about consultancy, IT and the energy sector. We believe in making lasting impact. Join our IT consultants in projects that directly contribute to a more sustainable energy landscape. We let our consultants work on innovative solutions at key companies within the energy sector and other vital infrastructures. They work on projects that have societal impact. This also translates to Infiniot. From driving electric cars and travelling by public transport to sharing our knowledge about energy at primary schools.

Within our team there is a mix of data, software and security professionals that have a solid technical background. The interconnection of our team is our top priority. At Infiniot, we have quick communication channels, what enables us to share our knowledge with each other and help our colleagues on multiple levels.

Career development at Infiniot: The Energy Academy

We value career development of our employees. That’s why we created the Energy Academy. The Energy Academy is designed to empower our employees with the latest technology, insights and techniques. All the necessary domain and IT knowledge is available at the Energy Academy. Before you start your first project, we provide you with enough knowledge about the value chain of energy, energy trading and electrical grids to be well-prepared.

Infiniot organizes courses in an agile way of working, presenting skills, software engineering, business administration, software architecture and more. Would you want to learn something that is not already in our arsenal? No problem. Let us know and we adapt our learning environment or provide you with the necessary budget and time to follow professional external courses.

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