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Transtrend is specialized in active investment by developing and implementing systematic investment strategies. Our investment strategies are guided by the footprints left by people running after ideas. That is, the prices they set in the market.


Article: Trend following – raincoat or coat rack? Transtrend is a leading systematic investment manager, specialized in trend following. Our trading approach is the result of over 30 years of experience in researching markets and managing assets for our clients – the result of actively moving with the markets.

Our trading program – launched in 1992 – aims to deliver attractive risk-adjusted returns uncorrelated to the major asset classes. It has an absolute return objective and does not follow, nor specifically strives to outperform, any benchmark or index. The program trades global futures, forwards and swap markets across multiple asset classes, and is designed to capture the underlying trends that move these markets.

We are creative, authentic, and share a passion for coding, for markets, for trading, for getting from zero to one and solving complex issues. In our fascinating world, reality is more complex and more stubborn than theory. We enjoy puzzling at the highest level, and develop even better methods and models. We are creative but safe playing strategists, in sports and games.

Article: Does the captain still fly?

Opportunities for students, graduates and professionals

We are always looking for resourceful people to join our team. Are you such a creative mind, a free thinker, willing to go off the beaten track and packed with sufficient quantitative knowledge?

Then we would like to get in touch with you. Send an e-mail with your CV and motivation letter in PDF-format to or call us at +31-10-453 65 00

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