Triple A - Risk Finance

Triple A - Risk Finance is an independent and innovative consulting firm specializing in the field of actuarial and risk management, founded in 2006 and based in Amsterdam. Triple A is a company with a flat structure and enthusiastic young professionals. Partly because of the short lines of communication with management, there is plenty of room for personal input and responsibility. This gives our employees the opportunity to go off the beaten path and solve the often quantitatively challenging assignments with a creative approach.

What does Triple A - Risk Finance do?

We work from the business lines: Pensions, Insurance, Risk & Strategy Consulting, Actuarial Technology, Data Analytics and Banking. Our clients range from large multinationals to small companies subdivided into banks, insurers, pension funds, pension administrators and employers. Examples of work include:

  • Development of actuarial projection models
  • Performance of risk analyses
  • Valuation of pension contracts
  • Advising on new pension plans
  • Asset & liability management
  • Reporting

A standard career path therefore does not exist within Triple A. You develop as a risk professional with your own accents. In short, we offer extensive opportunities for a very challenging career in consultancy in the field of actuarial and risk management.

What is the working atmosphere like at Triple A - Risk Finance?

Triple A - Risk Finance is a young and dynamic company. This applies both to the company itself, as well as to the people who work there: the average age of the consultants is around 33 years old. The company is developing rapidly and already consists of a team of about 140 people. It is the result of the unique dynamic within Triple A: a sense of entrepreneurship and determination to go for something together. The dynamic is reflected throughout the company in the way of working and the atmosphere in the office. The relationship with colleagues is open and informal, and at the same time we all go for the best result.