HKV, the knowledge innovators in flood risk and water resources management.

At HKV, we primarily work with models that have a basis in physics and mathematics. These help us to research and advise on current water and climate problems, such as how the Netherlands can withstand extreme sea level rise, or how Machine Learning and AI can help to analyze extreme events. The models are used to visualize flood (and drought) risks, and to reduce, as much as possible, the many uncertainties in the natural and technical system. It is also important that the solutions fit into a broader social context. HKV employs around ten mathematicians who work in project teams with colleagues from other disciplines, such as civil engineering. HKV is an independent research and consultancy agency in the field of water and safety. We carry out approximately half of our work on behalf of water boards and provinces, with the rest split between national work for Rijkswaterstaat, international work (particularly in Asia and Africa) and work for private commercial clients. HKV provides this consultancy work from the following departments; Risk and Disaster Management; Rivers, Coasts and Deltas; Water and Climate; and Products and Services. Since being founded 1995, HKV has grown to a current size of approximately 80 employees, spread across offices in Lelystad, Amersfoort and Delft.